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More details about committee roles


The chair is the public face of the elected committee, representing the setting where necessary at public events and sometimes at meetings of other organisations.

The chairperson will:

  • be the ‘nominated person’ for the committee (Ofsted requirement)
  • liaise with the manager or supervisor to support them in the daily running of the setting. They are responsible for clear communication between the committee and the staff. Making interim decisions if necessary, that does not need the full committee. (Any major decision needs to go to the full committee or sub-committee)
  • know the roles and legal obligations of the committee.
  • ensure committee members and staff, have clearly identified roles and responsibilities
  • take charge of open meetings (AGM etc) and committee meetings. Ensuring meetings are effective, kept to time and the agenda covered. The chair has the casting vote of any decisions that need to be made at meetings.
  • make the best use of the talents and skills of the volunteers and staff within the setting. e.g. marketing, personnel, or financial experience
  • be the line-manger of the person in charge (manager or supervisor)
  • will support and authorise the work of the treasurer, checking at regular intervals (at least half termly) that the amounts of money banked correspond with the amounts signed for on original documents such as receipts. The chair should also receive a copy of all bank statements
  • convene and prepare the agenda for committee meetings alongside the secretary
  • sign the agreed minutes of the previous meeting
  • ensure all pre-school policies are up to date and regularly reviewed
  • be the signatory for grant applications
  • deal with legal matters & be a signatory for cheques along with the treasurer and secretary
  • be on the interview panel for staff appointments & appraisals


The secretary deals with all the official paperwork except for keeping accounts. The work includes:

  • writing and receiving letters and keeping all the correspondence
  • drawing up and circulating an agenda before meetings in consultation with the chair
  • ensuring everyone knows in good time about the date, time and place of committee meetings
  • keeping proper minutes of meetings and ensure agreed copies of the minutes are displayed at pre-school (minus any ‘part’ sections which should be distributed as paper copies to the committee and then returned or destroyed)
  • supports the chair by ensuring the effective administration of the committee
  • keeping lists of contacts up-to-date
  • keeps copies of insurance for 40 years
  • signing cheques on behalf of pre-school
  • liases with personnel regarding the appointment of new staff
  • responsible for renewing PLA membership, building and contents insurance and ensuring the certificate is displayed
  • ensuring Ofsted registration fee is paid and certificate displayed.


The treasurer works closely with, and is supported by the other officers (chair, secretary) as well as the pre-school leader and the administrator, regarding income and expenditure.

The treasurer keeps a record of all the financial transactions.

The responsibilities of the treasurer include:

  • guiding and advising the committee on approval of budgets and accounts
  • keeping the committee informed of their financial responsibilities, through treasurer reports
  • ensuring that NEG claim forms and grant administration are correct
  • making sure insurance is paid on time (as directed by the secretary)
  • being responsible for the cheque books and paying in books
  • advising the committee and senior staff of the financial implications of the business plan and budget – monitors budget
  • confirming that the financial resources of the group meet present and future needs and comply with the reserves policy. (forecasting, reserves cover redundancy commitment/contingency)
  • reviewing of fees
  • understanding the importance of financial procedures and controls
  • ensuring the accounts are audited or examined as appropriate and an annual return is sent to the Charity Commission -this can now be done online
  • presenting the accounts and an annual report at the AGM
  • maintaining accurate financial records, including, payments, receipts, cash analysis, banking, cash withdrawals, and raising cheques for authorised invoices to support administration, maintenance and development of the budgets
  • raising invoices as appropriate and maintaining credit control
  • providing financial information to be used by the group in funding applications and in reports to funders
  • preparing cash flow forecast and budget monitoring reports
  • ensuring that the chair receives a copy of the bank statement
  • ensuring committee expenses are paid.

Health and Safety

This role is paired with the deputy play leader and is responsible for keeping the health and safety policy statements and risk assessments up to date and ensuring that all the latest health and safety standards are met.

Particular duties include:

  • Risk assessing pre-school activities, staff working conditions, welfare facilities etc
  • Completing fire risk assessments and ensuring that fire drills are carried out on a regular basis
  • Staying up to date on health and safety issues and being the a point of contact for health or safety issues of children or staff, reporting these to committee as necessary
  • Monitoring the entries in the first aid book and ensuring appropriate actions are taken to ensure the continued safety of all children, staff and volunteers.


Responsible for the recruitment, retention and training needs of the pre-school staff and committee members (as necessary)

  • Must keep abreast of employment legislation
  • Work with the play leader to recruit suitable staff when vacancies arise
  • Inconjunction with the secretary notify unsuccessful applicants in writing or by email
  • Form part of the interview panel and send our job specifications etc to successful candidates
  • Prepare contracts of employment, follow up references and obtain CRB checks of successful candidates (within 8 weeks of starting)
  • Arrange and conduct staff appraisals in conjunction with line manager and/ committee chair person as necessary. Make report to leader/ chair for further action
  • Review salaries and ensure in line with locality/ minimum wage requirements
  • Ensure all personnel policies and employment contracts are kept up to date and reviewed regularly
  • Administer discipline and grievance procedures as necessary
  • Process staff suitability health checks and advise chair/ committee if actions necessary
  • Receive staff and committee CRB forms collate details and destroy original within 6 months of receipt.

Newsletter & Publicity

  • Liaise with the preschool leader to produce a termly newsletter for distribution to parents and staff
  • Generate publicity as necessary of pre-school events and activities
  • Ensure the website is kept up to date with activities, events, contact details, term dates, policies etc
  • Safeguard the password protected area on the website
  • Ensure the pre-school posters and other signage are correctly displayed and when necessary arrange for their replacement

Admissions (staff member)

Responsible for managing the applications from parents. Adhering to the Admissions Policy and referring any unusual cases for special consideration to the committee as necessary.

Staff Liaison (staff member)

The point of contact for two way communication between staff and the committee.

General Member – Parent Liaison

Responsible for ensuring that parents (especially parents new to pre-school) are welcomed into the pre-school and shown how we operate and where to find information.